We're sponsoring a local podcast // Run Chat Live

We have recently started to sponsor a local podcast called Run Chat Live, hosted by Matt Phillips. Matt is a Running Injury & Performance Specialist based in our local area, sunny Sussex.

Matt is a lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology and has written for numerous publications & websites and of course being a keen runner himself he makes the perfect host. Matt opens up various topics for discussion surrounding the sport on his weekly podcast ‘Run Chat Live’ with a focus on injury prevention/recovery and increasing performance. Most episodes have a guest speaker, often experts in their field or professional marathon runners from all over the world to discuss their personal/professional experiences and any tips/ tricks they have come across on their running journey.

There is not a question unanswered it seems, some topics covered include; understanding and analysing pain, future footwear and comparisons, and various  physio and osteopathy talks just to name a few. This barely touches the surface of the plethora of information the podcast has to offer, if you’re into your running or want to get back into it this is an easy to listen to, in depth podcast.

The RCL website has plenty to offer aside form the podcasts, including Injury Q&A, some great exercise videos as well as in depth articles by matt on all matters running, if you’ve got questions this is the place to have them answered. Whether you run for fun or are training for an upcoming event there are some very interesting articles that could alter and improve your running experience.

Something we need to mention is that Matt sports a fantastic beard, maintained and well groomed with a selection of our products. Running gets you hot and sweaty, especially in summer and it’s important to keep some kind of grooming regime; Matt uses our beard shampoo to remove any build up within the beard and then conditions with either one of our black pepper (his favourite scent) oil or balm and brushes through with one of our Boar bristle brushes.

RCL International Running Conference

The conference will be held over 2 days, the 30th and 31st of October 2019. It will be a unique chance to hear from ten experts in the field of running injury and performance as well as pick their brains in not just one, but two 90 minute ‘Question time’ sessions over the two days.

The guest speakers are coming from all over the world, as far as The USA, Canada and Australia. The 5 guest speakers attending on the 30th will be; Jack Chew - Physiotherapist and founder of ‘the physiology matter’ podcast, Ian Griffiths - sports podiatrist and director of Sports Podiatry info Ltd., Dr. JF Esculier - Physiotherapist and Vice president of ‘The Running Clinic’, Paul Westwood - Physiotherapist and endurance athlete and coach, Dr. Izzy Moore - Researcher and Lecturer in sport and exercise medicine.

The second day of the conference hosts Simon Bartold - Sports podiatrist, researcher and author, Paul Coker - Physiotherapist and Medical director of RocktapeUk, Dr. Derek Griffin - Physiotherapist and long distance runner, Chris Johnson - Physical therapist and triathlon coach and competitor, Mike James - Physiotherapist, sports therapist and triathlon competitor.

As you can see there will be a wealth of information available from the guest speakers, but on top of this the conference also provides a total of 16 points of CPD/CEU (8 each day), fully endorsed by The Sports Therapy Association

The conference will be held at Brighton Metropolitan College, located just a short walk away from Brighton train station and only 10 minutes from the stunning seafront.

For more information visit the RCL Website or contact Matt at matt@runchatlive.com if you have any questions or would like any further information and make sure to tune into the RCL podcast.

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