The eco edit

The world is slowly waking up and taking responsibility for the  negative impacts we’re having on the planet. We want to do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment around us, starting with making sure all of our packaging is recyclable/degradable. There is a long way to go until we restore the earth to what it was but every little helps right!?

All of our glass bottles and jars are recyclable, so if you are one of our lovely customers make sure to reuse/recycle! You may have to check at your local recycling centre if the plastic and glass pipette is okay to recycle, fingers crossed it will be🤞!

Our boxes are recyclable too, or you can keep them to use again to give gifts of your own :D

We use packing peanuts (made from GM-free starch), hay and recycled paper to pack up our orders and all of which are degradable and eco friendly!

We have recently moved away from plastic packing tape too, we now use Tesa brown packing tape which is 60% bio-based (core is made from 100% recycled cardboard) and made from unbleached paper. Yay recycling!

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