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So as it turns out Kelsey Grammar is a fan of our products, best Known for his roles as Dr. Frasier Crane in Frasier and of course the brilliant voice of sideshow bob in the Simpsons, I think everyone has a soft spot for this guy. You might be thinking that he’s not best known for his beard, but personally I think he’s underrated especially as he pulls off the grey look very well too!


Kelsey Grammer

His most recent endeavour starring as both Spanish author Cervantes and his most famous creation, Don Quixote a wannabe knight in the 'Man of La Mancha’, for the most part he sports a wily beard and moustache (not sure what's going on with those beastly eyebrows) which is whipped into shape using our delightful beard balm, oil and wax.

Kelsey Grammer

Starring alongside Kelsey is also is Nicholas Lyndhurst aka Rodney from 'Only fools and horses', sadly not sporting even the slightest hint of a beard, nether the less with this comic duo it's still probably worth a watch.

Kelsey grammer

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