St. Patrick's day // Triple points

Are we seeing green or is it St. Patricks day?

We hope everyone is out and about celebrating with the Irish! 

St. Patrick turns out was a pretty interesting chap - I’ll give you a brief little run down of all his best bits. 

St Patrick

First, not an official Saint! The title was adopted by his adoring following when he returned to Ireland to teach christianity.

This happened much later in his life, he grew up as part of a wealthy family in born and raised in Britain until he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland at 16, by a group of Irish raiders who were attacking his families estate. 

He was held captive for 6 years and made to work as a shepherd, this is when he is said to have turned to God in his solitude.

It is said God guided him through the next stages f his life. Firstly walking 200 miles to the Irish coast to escape his captivity and return to Britian. Managing the feat, he then felt God wished him to return to Ireland to be a missionary. 

Before following this call from God he undertook religious training, lasting 15 years! He was ordained, and finally ready to follow his missive from God and return to Ireland. 

For over a 1000 years the Irish have celebrated St. Patricks day, he is honoured with celebrations every year on March 17th (some cite as the date of his death). 

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