Freshen up // Sunny Spring

Now might be the right time for a trim, with the cold weather it’s been so easy to put it off but by this point you may be looking like a yeti. Though hopefully a sweet smelling yeti with a nourished beard if you’ve been using our products. 

Anyway, time to trim up for the sunny springtime weather I hope is on the way.

 beard trim

 Here are some of out top tips for getting your beard looking neat and shapely.

Step 1. Invest in the right tools

Having the right tools for the job is key to getting a clean and even finish. A beard trimmer, scissors and a sharp razor achieve the best results - if you’re really unsure you can also get beard shapers, essentially a stencil for you to trace round for quick easy styling. 

beard tools

Step 2. Know your own face

Seems like a silly thing to say but make sure you’re choosing a good shape for your face. No point creating a mighty fine trim if it looks wrong on your face. 

 beard trim

Step 3. Choose your lines

Once you’ve determined which shape you think will look good on your face, choose where you want the lines of your beard to go. Depending on what look you’re going for will be a guide to where you’re going to trim, but in general the two finger method is a good starting point. 

This is where you use your index finger and and middle finger to act as a positioning guide. Obviously finger width varies but for the average man this will be a good guide. Place fingers above the Adam’s apple, just above the index finger is where you should trim to. Try to visualise where you’re cutting too, you can take more off but you can’t put it back on.

beard lines

Step 4. The trim 

Choose the length you want to go, this is personal preference bearing in mind what's right for your face as well as the warmer weather in tow. Another tip to note is a lot of the time the hair underneath on the neck, appears thicker and as such you may choose to use a slightly shorter length to make it appear even.

If you’ve already had a couple of successful trims yourself you may want to try to add in a fade to give a more natural look. This is achieved by going a couple of notches shorter on your timmers for the bottom section of your neckline, gradually increasing the length as you work up the neck towards the chin. Finish the look by shaving any stray hairs or stubble you may have missed, being particularly careful on your cheeks to create that really defined look. Using a good quality shave oil will work two fold to give you a smooth shave as well as helping prevent irritation to the skin.

Step 5. Finishing up

 face washing

Once you’ve got the desired look (hopefully with no mishaps) it’s always good to finish with with a rinse with warm water to make sure its even and to soothe the beard area. Follow up with some beard oil to calm the skin and jobs a carrot. You’ll look magnificent and be ready for the sunny days ahead.

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