Spotlight :: Mattifying Eucalyptus Moisturiser

So last in our skincare trio but by no means least is our mattifying moisturiser.

The last step in your routine but a very important step and not to be skipped. It will lock in moisture whilst creating a protective layer for your face from the pollutants of everyday life. Although you can’t see them our skin undergoes a daily battle with free radicals. It may sounds like some made up activist group, but in actuality they’re unstable atoms that over time cause oxide stress which in a nutshell causes you to visibly age with fine lines and wrinkles.

We call this the last step for that reason,  some of you will be into your skin treatments and will always apply moisturiser as the last stage, everyone should put this into practice.

Our moisturiser contains Vitamin E, coconut and grapeseed all powerful antioxidants and excellent for moisturising and rejuvenating the skin without feeling heavy.

It provides a matt finish, leaving you shine free but hydrated and ready for the day ahead.  Suitable for all skin types and can even help to naturally stop over production of oil, especially good for naturally oily skin types.

For best results use in conjunction with our exfoliating Eucalyptus scrub and purifying Eucalyptus Clay mask.



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