Halloween // Scary Movie Checklist

So what with all of the lockdown rules it’s unlikely there will be much trick or treating, halloween house parties or messy nights out, so we thought why not have a halloween hotlist of all the best films to watch this halloween. Let see how many you can cram in!

No1. on the hotlist is The Haunting of Bly Manor

Okay you got us, it’s not a film. None the less it is definitely one to watch, more of a psychological thriller than jump out of your skin scare but arguably that is much worse!

the haunting of bly manor

The haunting of Bly Manor tells the story of a young governess hired to look after a boy and girl in the care of their uncle. Soon she starts to seeing apparitions that haunt the manor.

Released after the Haunting of Hill House, it goes without saying the first one is worth a watch too, though a little more typically scary than its predecessor so watch you don’t spill your wine.

No2. The Conjuring

the conjuring

Even the name evokes a creepy feeling, probably the most typically 'scary' with everything you want from a horror film, jumping out of your wits, freaky supernatural stuff, gore and much more.

Set in the 1970's The conjuring tells a story of a family who move to a secluded farmhouse ( horror scene setting if I ever saw one). It soon becomes apparent there are supernatural powers at play that become increasings malevolent. A couple of paranormal investigators are called in to investigate and find out there is more to the old farmhouse, including a macabre history.

No3. A quiet place

a quiet place

If they hear you, they hunt you. I'm terrified already.

A family must live in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. A father and mother desperately search for a way to fight the creatures hunting them, knowing the whole time even the slightest sound could mean their deaths. A thriller that will have you holding your breath and biting your nails in anticipation.

No4. The Witch

the witch

Not for the faint hearted - The Witch is set in the 1630’s a little boy goes missing whilst in the care of his sister, Thomasin. With panic and despair rising, the mystery deepens as Thomasin get’s turned on by her own family, being accused of witchcraft.

No5. The Blackcoats Daughter

The blackcoats daughter

In the depths of winter a mentally disturbed girl escapes her confines and embarks on a journey where her story intertwines with two girls stranded at their boarding school when their parents fail to pick them up. The sinister plot is twisted with the supernatural as the three girls try to survive the powers at play.

So that should give you an even full of horror and nightmares, don't say we didn't warn you!

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