Spotlight :: Exfoliating Eucalyptus Face Scrub

We’ve wanted to branch out for a while now and we’re really pleased that everyone has supported us with the launch of our new skincare range. We’re going to give you a little low down on each of the three, making sure you know what is so good about them and why they should become an essential part of your self-care routine.

The Scrub

The first step in our trio; containing ground almond shells and pumice to gently buff away dead skin cells and dirt from the surface. Our non-foaming scrub will leave smooth, soft skin in its wake - ready for further treatments or if you’re in a hurry just a quick splodge of our step 3, Mattifying Moisturiser.


The scrub contains Eucalyptus and Tee tree which helps to both clear blemishes as well as keep them at bay due to their antibacterial properties. To balance the scrub we’ve added chamomile essential oil which works to calm and soothe the skins so that no irritation occurs during/after use.


A medium consistency making it easy to apply and move around the face - gently  move in circular motions over the entire face and massage for a minute or so to promote blood flow. You can have too much of a good thing though, so as much as you may be tempted, stick to using 2-3 times a week as a treatment for the skin.

scrub texture

G'waaan, scrub up!

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