Introducing Rye // Our new skincare range

So as everyone knows we’re all about beards. We love them and always will, but we’ve had a fair few requests over the years from you, our lovely customers, to branch out and expand our range. Well, after getting our shit together we’ve done exactly that.
Rye Skincare
We’ve been working hard this year, spending our time wisely (and safely) during lockdown to curate and perfect Rye; our new skincare range. Comprising of an exfoliating face scrub, Cleansing clay mask and a mattifying moisturiser this trio will have you looking buffed and polished in no time.


If you’re into our beard products our skincare range is likely to be exactly what you were missing, you just don’t know it yet. We never compromise on quality and so just like our beard care range which is both highly nourishing AND leaves your beard looking and smelling incredible the same goes for our skincare. We think carefully about every single ingredient, making sure there is benefit in each so that with every use you get maximum results. Scented with Eucalyptus, Rosemary and chamomile essential oils chosen for their skin benefits and invigorating effect.


So a little about Rye, you may have noticed we like to use the beautiful local areas to draw inspiration for naming our products such as Hawkhurst, Aldington and Alfriston. Rye is a beautiful little town on the coast to the east of Brighton and the name just clicked. We liked the idea of a three step skincare range, not necessarily for daily use as we all lead busy lives but that could be the saviour of stressed out skin should it arise.

The Exfoliator 

We know the importance in this day and age of taking good care of your skin, not only to look good but for your skin health too. Exfoliation is a key step in drawing out impurities that build up daily, although not always visible believe me your skin can easily get clogged with pollutants, dead skin cells and general grime. Our scrub contains green tea extract which is a superb antioxidant and will keep fighting those nasty damaging, skin ageing free radicals. This is the first step to treating your skin and you should notice a freshness to your skin after use, ready for any other skincare products you might use such as our clay mask or moisturiser. We recommend using 2-3 times a week as a treatment, it ins't necessary to use daily and you don't want to stress your skin out by using it everyday.

The Clay Mask 

Using Clay (the natural, rich in nutrient kind) as a skin treatment has been around for centuries and is know to revive skin through the beneficial minerals it contains. Our clay mask is no exception and will act to draw out deep rooted impurities whilst replenishing key nutrients. It contains Eucalyptus as well as rosemary essential oils which will help to retain moisture in the skin, however the natural drying effect of clay means that your skin may feel dry after, using our moisturiser afterwards will deeply hydrate the skin and boost the effects of the clay mask. Just like the exfoliating scrub we recommend using 2-3 times a week depending on your needs.
clay mask

The Moisturiser

Moisturising should always be the last step in your skincare routine to make sure you lock in any other products you have put on before as well as acting as a protective layer from daily pollutants/dirt.
Containing Eucalyptus which has been used for centuries to both heal and lock in moisture to the skin it will help repair damage to the skin whilst ensuring your skin remains hydrated. Both of which are crucial for healthy skin. Don't worry though, you won't be running around looking shiny as the moisturiser has a mattifying effect so you won't look or feel the least bit greasy after applying. Perfect for daily use!
You might be thinking is this all really necessary? The answer is yes, yes it is!
The trio can be bought as a gift set to treat yourself or someone else to, or they can also be bought individually if you fancy one or two over all three.

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