Father's Day Gifting // Product low-down

Father's Day: a day in celebration of all the dad’s out there. After the past year, let’s make sure its a good one! Gifts ideas for the bearded Papa in your life;

£12 and under

£10 - Beard oil 10ml

A delightful blend of the finest oils to nourish the beard root to tip without feeling heavy. With one of six scent blends to choose from there’s the perfect scent for every bearded man.

 beard oil

£10 - Moustache wax

A perfect pocket sized edition to carry round, keeping even the thickest of tashs’ in place. We know not all moustaches are created equally and some are more unruly than others so our wax comes in both firm and extra firm to suit all needs.

moustache wax

£12 - Beard balm 40ml

One of our original products and still going strong, just as nourishing as our Old Joll’s oils but provides a light but effective hold to keep any sneaky stray hairs in place.

beard balm

£12 - £30

£12 - Waxed canvas duffle pouch

In a beautiful Khaki-Grey colour the cotton canvas bag is a tasteful piece to house every all the beardy essentials.

duffle pouch

£14 - Rye Skincare 60ml; Scrub, Clay mask or Moisturiser

Our dedicated male skincare range, works best when used as a three-step routine. Works to clear deeply ingrained dirt and debris and leave a baby soft and smooth complexion in its wake. Can be bought individually in both 60ml or 120ml as well as in our skincare trio gift set.

Rye skincare

£18 - Shampoo bar and tray set

A delightful edition to any bathroom, the caramel coloured eco bamboo tray combined with our best selling shampoo bar - What could be better?

shampoo and tray set

£22 - Aldington Blues gift set

Our lovely shampoo features again here in combination with an Old Joll’s beard oil. These are the dream team to revive any beard. The shampoo bar gets to work by gently cleansing the beard but without stripping back the natural oils, leaving it fresh and ready to soak up all of the nourishing oils in our beard oil.


£30 - £50

£30 - Double edged safety razor

A new addition to the family but a worthy one! Not only does it look fantastic, with its weighty feel in hand and sleek design it will also give you a supremely close shave without any of the fear of nicks and cuts all over your face. Combined with our new Smoker Mills shave oil and you’ll be smooth as a baby but with well moisturised skin to boot. The dream team of our shave range.


£32 - Alfriston Shampoo and Conditioner duo

So if you’ve tried our Afriston range you’ll know how excellent they are. The shampoo and conditioner duo is no exception. The gentle formulations remove dirt and grime build up without stripping back the hair too much and just like our beard care it smells heavenly.

alfriston shampoo and conditoner

£35 - Leather Roll-down Ditty wash bag

Our leather roll down ditty wash bag is class all the way, supple golden tan leather in a paper bag style. Not too big and bulky but perfect travel size, for all those upcoming getaways we know you’ve got planned. The leather is durable and will only get better with age and use.

leather wash bag

£42 - Rye Skincare trio gift set

All good things come in three’s right? Of course they do and our skincare trio is no exception, to buff away dirt, unclog pores and refresh the skin ready for summer.

rye trio

£50 +

£59 - Limited edition Gift bundle

This piece includes our lovely wax canvas roll-down wash bag, a 30ml beard oil, 40ml balm, The Millers shampoo bar and a 15ml wax tube. All you need for a healthy shiny beard and tash’.

£60 - Alfriston Gift set

If the heavenly scent of the Alfriston wasn’t enough, the powerful properties of Moringa and Broccoli seed oils will take extra special care of each strand, giving the best chance for optimum growth and hair health.

alfriston gift set

£95 - Premium gift bundle

Housed in our lovely leather roll-down it contains our premium Alfriston oil and balm, The Millers shampoo bar and our acetate beard comb with leather sheath. An extra special gift for an extra special dad!

premium gift bundle

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