Earth Day // Celebrating this lovely planet we call home

Earth Day

Theme for Earth day 2021 is Restore the Earth

To be quite frank everyday should be earth day, we should all be making every conscious effort to conserve and appreciate the world we live in. Thankfully there has been a much greater shift in recent years to make changes for the wellbeing and longevity of our beautiful planet, there are many wonderful initiatives that are happening to get the good kind of change going.

Earth day was established in 1970 and has increased in awareness throughout the years through events such as educational talks, awareness campaigns and clean up events. These have been integral to raising environmental issues and concerns over the years since earth day began, as well as implementing long term goals such as educating the younger generations so awareness starts early and is well engrained for the future.

earth day

There are now over a billion people getting involved each earth day to make a positive impact on the environment; Click here to visit earth days official website to see more details of what is happening to make a change and how to get involved.

Please share as much love as you can for Earth day and make sure you’re doing everything you can to make a difference, even some small changes can make an impact. The earth really is in the hands of each and every one of us, we're all accountable and all in this together.

earth day

We’re not perfect but over the years we’ve been making changes in the way we work, from using sustainable packaging and postal solutions to the ingredients we source for our products. Each year we aim to improve our sustainability.

Here's some of the ways we're helping out;

Ever since our humble beginning in 2013  we have always used glass bottles, not only do they look better they are fully recyclable/reusable and we hope they don't end up in landfill like so many plastic bottles do. We haven't found a solution for our rubber pipettes as yet but as soon as a green alternative is available, we'll be on that like a moth to a flame. As I imagine you know, our balms come in a beautifully designed tin and yep you guessed it, they're fully recyclable/reusable so no waste there either. Whoop!

Regarding our packing solutions we use cardboard for our gift-set packing as well as our postal boxes which are free of any unnecessary plastic packaging, and again are fully recyclable/reusable. We use eco friendly shredded paper, eco nuggets and Tesa eco tape when boxing up your beard goodies... what a guilt free package ey! 

We have recently changed to a green energy supplier too, sourcing its energy from renewable and sustainable energy solutions. The more people who make the switch to using green energy the better, businesses especially! 

We hope to keep up with the new technologies and innovations regarding greener energy and packing solutions so that we can hopefully, one day, be completely sustainable.

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