How to optimise your beard growth

So you want your beard to grow faster, be fuller and generally become a superbeard? You've come to the right place. Here are a few pointers and small lifestyle changes than can have a big effect on your face rug.

Nº1 - Eat better. Think of your body and beard as a car. You can fill it up with crappy fuel and move at a sluggish pace OR fill it up with the best of the best and let it be on top form. We're talking basic stuff here, making sure you're eating a balanced diet, and getting enough protein, veg, carbs and drinking enough water. Your beard is a Ferrari; treat it like one.

Nº2 - If you can't eat better, at least get a decent multi-vitamin in your life. Look out specifically for vitamins E and B - known for their skin and hair enhancing qualities. 'Biotin', a special blend of B vitamins is especially good for hair growth. A good multi-vit will not only help promote beard growth, but it'll improve your mental and physical well being. Win, win.

Nº3 - Listen to your mother, and wash your face twice a day. This is a must, if you don't already. By removing those dead skin cells, not only will your skin start to look a lot fresher and healthier, but you are boosting circulation to your face, which in turn helps skin to repair quicker and hair to grow faster. Want to take it to the next step? Get a good exfoliator or face scrub. Don't forget to moisturise after cleansing.

Nº4 - Get yourself some decent beard oil. Ingredients to look out for: jojoba, vitamin e, argan and tea tree oil - which all help promote beard growth, whilst not feeling too heavy on the face and provide good nutrients for both the beard and skin underneath. Luckily for you, all the hard work has been taken out of your beard oil quest: Old Joll's beard oil contains all these wonderful ingredients. Handy.

Everybody's beard will grow at different rates and might not be as strong in some places as in others. But follow these simple guidelines and your beard will be well on its way.

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