This week on twitter, The Brighton Beard Co's attention has been caught by two particularly hairy men on a mission.
Craig and Stephen have started #TheGreatBritishBeardOff to raise money for charity. It started off as a wager between the two chums and has turned into something quite beautiful.
"We started by just talking about beards in general, saying we'd love to grow one. We both said that none of us would do it though, so the bet was that the first person to shave had to buy the other dinner and drinks. After we realised no one was gonna give up we thought it would be good way to raise money for charity."
The lads have only one rule: not a single hair can be trimmed. Not even those dastardly 'stache hairs that stop you from enjoying a nice brew. 
Craig adds, "The way we thought we could raise some interest and more importantly money was to run a sweep. For every £3 people donate they can choose a date when they think one of us will shave. If we shave and there date is the closest then they can win £100. Anybody can choose any date, even if its all ready taken! The money will be shared out equally to the person or persons the date belongs to!"
"In no way are we claiming to invent the beard. This is just our tribute and we absolutely love them. Although Clarkys head looks like it's on upside down..."
Just gone past week 20, they're well on the way to a magnificent face rug. 
With the proceeds going to Cancer Research, something that has affected everybody in some way, #TheGreatBritishBeardOff is for a great cause, so dig deep!
You can sponsor them here: http://www.justgiving.com/TheGBBO
Help the chaps out and follow them on twitter @The_GBBO to watch their beard journey...

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