Each of our products are named after local and lawless smugglers, moonshiners and best loved villains from around the East Sussex area. Each with their own anecdote based on true stories.

Quite the orderly moonshiner, The Miller liked to have a plan for everything. As the name suggests, this roughneck spent his days in the mill and his nights as a bootlegging crook. Although he was declared brown bread in 1793, The Miller had built his tomb some thirty years before, which he used to store his precious loot. You have to admire the prepatory measures this chap took. When he did pop his clogs, everything was ready; his funeral was a jolly affair attended by over 2000 natty folk. Rumour had it that The Miller was buried face down, as he believed the world would turn topsy-turvy at the last judgement & he would thus be the only one facing right-side-up. And the moral of this strange tale is that it’s all in the prep work; The Miller’s solid shampoo bar is the groundwork for a magnificent face rug.