Oval beach wood brush filled with beautiful boar bristle, handcrafted by Kent – comb and brush extraordinnaires since 1777. Perfect for taming and caring for your beloved beard, whilst naturally creating a full shape.

Exfoliation is key to maintaining a beard's health; by stimulating the skin and follicles, it'll keep beardruff at bay, evenly distribute your beards natural oils and help to promote new growth. A miracle brush, if you will. Top tip: Works wonders with Creampot Tom's beard balm to tame even the most unruliest of face rugs.

Select from a choice of black or white bristles. Comes in a spiffing presentation box.

Warning: May induce compulsive beard-brushing in front of reflective surfaces.

Use on a clean beard, either on its own or team it with Old Joll's beard oil or Creampot Tom's beard balm to evenly distribute the product.

Approximate brush size: 120 x 40mm