Valentines // Perfect night in


We’ve got this covered, the perfect line up for valentines night in. Whether you cook or not we’ve got a selection of great options to make your valentines day special.

If you’re the dinner date and movie kinda couple, go ahead and enjoy but if you like an intimate night in to appreciate the one you love then below are a few fabulous options for gifting and mouthwatering meal ideas. 

Tucking in to a sumptuous meal with a bottle of your favourite tipple on the table is how most of us would choose to spend our evening. So get freshened up, maybe put on something a little nice and spend some quality time with the one you love.

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Dress yourself and the table all fancy, setting the scene really makes the difference. Take some time to feel your best, whether that’s a quick round with our skincare trio to make your skin glow and taming that facial fur into something magnificent, of course with the addition of a little balm, oil or wax. After making yourself look and smell glorious, dressing the table to match is a must - a few candles, some wine and maybe some fresh flowers kicking about to romance things up a little. 

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Speaking of candles we recently launched our sister brand Noula. If you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you. Only joking, she’s been in the pipeline a little while, we were sniffing fragrance oils like there was no tomorrow to find the perfect scent combinations, honestly I’m almost hoping you don’t like them so we can keep them all. A good candle can really set the mood and instantly makes setting look more romantic, so take a look and see what you think.

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Get cooking - now this won’t be for everyone but if you or your partner is a foodie then staying in and cooking your own meal can be so rewarding and worth the effort. A little wine, some music and dancing round the kitchen is a wonderful way to start the evening off. Of course every home cook needs a decent knife (So not to lose your mind at how using a fork would yield better results). A good knife is hard to come by and so if you're looking to gift one or just looking for the best knife you’ll ever use we recommend Katto Knifes. Crafted with extreme care to ensure ergonomic perfection, they are handmade in the UK using Japanese steel. The smoothest, sleekest wooden handle you have ever held, paired with an elegantly shaped blade and finished with a matt hammered effect they are truly a work of art. The blade is supremely sharp and crafted in such a way it feels impeccably well balanced in the hand and makes kitchen prep an absolute pleasure, you'll cook up the tastiest valentines dinner in no time.

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Now we know we’re not all naturally gifted in the kitchen, so if you’re feeling like you want to skip the cooking part, or want something with minimal prep but still want an at home meal that isn’t a takeaway then check out dispatch. A home to exquisite dishes made be talented chefs up and down the country, including the likes of Michele Roux Jr., Tom Kerridge, Ottolenghi and many more all delivered to your door. Pretty perfect hey.


Of course most of us like to indulge in an alcoholic beverage or two or three... alright, the bottle. Now there’s a lot out there to choose from but if you like something fruity you might like to try this Blueberry number, Blue Aurora, it’s delicious by itself or made into a cocktail. Also produced in the UK, we’re always looking to support our local businesses. 

 blue aurora wine, blueberry wine

All in all we think that shapes up to a pretty bloomin’ lovely evening. We hope our suggestions have got you thinking about how to spend your valentines ❤️

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