Valentines Gift Guide

Who’s ready for some romance this Valentines, falling on a Friday this year there’s no excuse no to go out have a couple of drinks and get loved up this valentines, for all and everyone deserves a little love.

For those who have someone they wish to lavish with wonderful gifts this valentines we’ve got some cracking ideas from as little as £5!

Personalised Marmite

Do you love it or do you hate it? If there person you’re buying for doesn’t like it then I’d suggest not getting this present, but if they love it I think we’re on to a winner!

personalised marmite

Price £5.49

Jerky kit

If your boy loves jerky this is a top gift, these vary in price and flavours but start from just £5. You know what they say, the way to love is through the stomach, and personalising jerky with delicious flavour such as Barbeque or Chilli and Garlic is sure to get you one big step closer.

MYO jerky kit

Price £7.99

100 beers scratch poster

Who doesn’t love a scratch poster. Who doesn’t love beer. Together the perfect combo and a great way to get experimenting with many of the different craft beers that have cropped over recent years.

scratch poster 100 beers

Price £7.99 (currently on offer)

House Plants

If your man isn’t a natural horticulturalist then no need to worry fake plants will do just as well to brighten up a space. Whether at home or work it will also be a cheeky reminder of you throughout the day. If you want a real plant, cactus are a great option as they’re hardy and low maintenance i.e hard to kill off. Some slightly more romantic options are heart ferns (Hemionitis Arifolia) and hoya heart (Hoya kerrii) which should be available at most garden centres.

hoya kerrii

Price £9.99

Old Jolls 10ml beard oil

Our original beard oil is as good as ever, as they say, if it's not broken...

A small bottle of our Old Jolls oil is just £10 and as it comes in 6 delightful scents  so there will be one for all and every bearded man in your lives this valentines. 


Price £10

Where we first met jigsaw

Now this is a revoltingly cute idea, bringing that special place where you first met your loved one alive. I mean this will probably work best if you met somewhere beautiful and picturesque and not some grotty pub somewhere. A nice way to spend your valentines evening too, piecing together (literally) the moment you first met.


Price £12.99

Water Zorbing

Now probably not your traditional valentines date night but seriously, how cool. who even knew this was a thing! What better way to spend valentines than running at your partner in a giant inflatable ball on the water. Im In, anyone else?

 water zorbing

Price £16 (currently on offer)

Personalised vinyl record clock

This is almost an up to date version of a mixed tape. Making a clock out of their favourite vinyl is an awesome way to celebrate that beat that really gets them going.

vinyl wall clock

Price £17.50

Creampot Toms 80ml beard balm

A luxurious blend of the finest oils and beeswax curate a buttery smooth balm to tame those flyaway beard hairs as well as leaving you smelling sweet all day long. A perfect little present for valentines day. 

Price £20

Hot sauce MYO kit

So there are various hot sauces on the market these days but have you ever made your own? Make sure you get the heat and spice just right for your taste buds and spice things up this valentines day.

MYO hot sauce kit

Price £23.96 (currently on sale)

Crowlink gift set 

Our Crowlink set holds the essentials for beard and Tashe perfection, containing a small wax tube, balm and oil all sitting pretty in one of our waxed canvas duffle pouches. Great as a starter set if your man is new to the whole beard growing scene but equally a great gift for those beard growing pros.

Price £39, shop all of our gift sets here


Now who doesn’t love a massage, we all build up unwanted tension in our bodies, whether through stress or exercise or even just day to day living. What better way to limber up for a romantic evening than a relaxing massage, also if you don’t want to spend much a massage is a great free gift and you can also be a bit more uhh personalised in your massage techniques.


Price Free or around £40-£50 at a spa

Gliding session 

Admittedly not for everyone, but for those who like a thrill and a want a truly special gift there is nothing quite like gliding, seeming to float over the beautiful, serene countryside. Definitely a good start to a romantic weekend.


Price £59

Alfriston Gift set 

The heady scent will be an instant winner and thats before the miraculous effects of this set on any facial fur unfold. On the higher end of the budget but worth every penny.


Price £60 

Ruxley wash bag

Our premium leather wash bag couldn't be more perfect for valentines, an example of high quality leather crafted into a simple, elegant wash bag. A beautiful tan colour which ages beautifully and is the perfect size to house all of your beardy favourites.  


Price £65

Supercar Taster

So on the pricier end of our gift guide, feeling the adrenaline rush in a supercar taster session. What’s so good about this is that you can actually use the full power of the car on these track days, rather than using day to day on regular roads. much cheaper too! A real treat bound to earn you MAJOR brownie points this valentines.

 supercar experience

Price £69 (currently on offer)


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