Veganuary Giveaway 🎉

So we all know the drill by now, after the Christmas period of eating obscene amounts of chocolate, turkey and potatoes roasted in goose fat I think we can all admit that maybe Veganuary is a good way to start the new year and kick start those healthy habits, and possibly lose a few pounds too.

So with that in mind and Veganuary well on it’s way, we thought we’d pep you up with some healthy treats! What’s more is that all of the brands involved are form the beautiful Sussex coast!

Veganuary competition

First up is Higgidy, who create the most delicious feel good food that is great for what’s inside as well as your tasting absolutely dreamy! Having recently released their Vegan range, Higgidy have something tasty for everyone, having sampled their vegan range I can attest to how good it really is and fair warning, their miso mushroom rolls are dangerously moorish! Higgidy are giving a £20 gift voucher as well as their newest cookbook ‘The Veggie cookbook’ so If you haven’t already tried them, now’s your chance to get some inspiration to keep you on track for Veganuary.


Next up is The Great British Porridge company, you guessed it, they sell porridge. You may recognise the brand from Dragons den, successfully winning over the Dragons with their delicious porridge vision. Not just any porridge though, the healthy kind containing no added sugar, dairy free & gluten free and has over 10% protein per serve! I know what you’re thinking, bet it taste like gruel but the taste was actually one of the main reason the dragons got on board and you can only imagine how hard they are to please! The give away contains a six week supply if you eat it just for breakfast like normal people, and comes in three awesome flavours so you can mix it up.

The great british porridge co.

I presume everyone has noticed a theme here, lots of winter warmers as part of our giveaway and what better to warm you up than a nice cuppa tea. The Tea Leaf Company shares our love for the renowned smugglers of this coastal area as well as the quality of tea they produce and drink. Insisting on only the traditional growing methods and no chemicals making sure each cuppa is pure perfection. Sharing a range of their teas including Mint & Black, Earl Grey, and Lotus Jasmine it will have you straying away the classic builders tea in no time.

The Tea leaf company

Wanting to show a little love of what’s inside as well as outside, Barber Pro have provided a selection of their award winning face masks to revitalise that winter weather beaten face of yours. Including two under eye masks, a CBD oil face mask and a post shave face mask, it will have you looking fresh faced in no time. We wanted to help promote their ‘It’s all good’ gift set too as every purchase donates money to the Cancer Charity Look Good Feel Better!

Barber Pro It's all good

Last but not least is our beardy goodies, including one of our fabulous Aldington blues gift sets, our Acetate beard comb and our new release T-shirt! Our shampoo and oil combo will nourish and condition to ensure you beard is kept looking on top form all year round, bur particularly good for this dreaded winter weather.

The Brighton Beard co.

So what are you waiting for enter now to get your hands on these goodies! 😁

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