New in // Autumn Beard Balm & Oil

Who loves Autumn? For most of us here at TBBC September / October is our favourite time of the year (except for one particular sun-worshipper in our team, you can spot her by the tan.)

The nights are drawing in to kick off that cosy evening feel but you still get some beautifully sunny and warm days too. 

An idea came to us one day when we were discussing how Autumn has a very distinctive smell with the slightly warm ground after the rain, new hardier shrubs and plants blooming with very earthy, complimentary scents - nature really knows what it’s doing. So we thought, could this work as a beard oil?

beard oil rose mandarin uk

With the usual trial and error, we came up with something that reflects the scent of autumn and something you’ll most definitely be reaching for to tantalise the nosebuds and of course keep your beard nourished all day long.

beard balm rose mandarin patchouli

So, you might be wondering how we can possibly have bottled autumn! We’re not 100% sure either but, we have. A subtly herbaceous scent with notes of Rose, Mandarin, Cardamom & Patchouli. A really addictive, calming scent that we hope you’ll love.

Bag yourself a little treat and try our limited edition autumnal scent. Shop the oil here and the balm here.

Of course, you know what else this means. We couldn’t just have an autumn scent and ignore the rest of the seasons, that would just be unfair. So watch this space as the seasons change for new additions to TTBC family.

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