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We think you guys are the best customers a brand could have and each and every one of you deserves to be rewarded for spending your hard earned dollar with us.

Enter our new rewards scheme Fortune Favours.

So here’s the low down on how it works, firstly after a few quick and easy steps to sign up you get your hands on a tasty pile of gold, okay not actually gold but 250 fortune favours points. BAM that’s the equivalent of £2.50, just for signing up, nice ey! 

Each and every purchase you make thereafter earns you points, easy peasy.

Your points will accumulate throughout the year with every purchase until you have enough in your vault to redeem for whichever product you’ve set your sights on. Pretty sweet deal right.

The more points you accumulate the more levels you can unlock, meaning more points earned per £ spent, there are three levels, Copper, Silver and Gold. Initially you'll be on Copper meaning you'll earn 3 points per £ spent, if you make your way up to Silver you'll earn 4 points per £ and finally Gold (I think you can see where I'm going with this) Yep that's right 5 points per £ spent.

It's not just points per £ that increase as you make your way up, with every tier comes something a little bit sweeter...

Silver ( When you have 600 points +)

15% off voucher

Early access to sales & new products

750 Brucey Birthday points

Gold ( When you have 1400 points+)

20% off voucher 

Early access to sales & new products

Free UK delivery on all orders

Complimentary Logo Tee

1000 Brucey Birthday points

There are other of ways to earn points besides shopping with us such as following us on social media (50 points) and referring a friend (1000 points!). And because we love you guys, we'll also be running various point boosting opportunities throughout the year 🎉

There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sign up now!

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