Friday Noise // It's back baby!

Have you heard of Sam Fender? You have now ..... Happy Friday! 🥳

FFO war on drugs 😀

After a very hectic week we needed this top indie tune to chill out to, this weeks Friday noise is single 'White roses' by Flyte. A beautiful song, deep and meaningful like all the goodies!

This weeks Friday noise is someone you've all probably heard of in recent weeks, her music is top of the charts and although being only 17 years old she's cool as a cucumber under the pressure of fame. Applauding the young talent, this weeks Friday noise is her alt-pop, catchy AF, slightly freaky video, No.1 in the Us 'Bad guy' single. Enjoy!

The beautiful sound that is Bon Iver has just released some more magic into the world with their new album i,i. The only hard part is choosing just one song for Friday noise, after much deliberation we've chosen 'Rabi'. Take a moment for yourself this weekend and give it a listen!

Make sure to check out the rest of the album too! 

So who's excited for Pride 🙌 🌈

Here's one to get you ready for the celebrations of Pride, we're so happy to be Brighton based and witness the festivities spreading the Love this weekend! Hope everyone will be out and about showing their colours! I personally will be going as a human glitter ball  ✨

So aside from melting in the heat this week I presume by now everyone is up to date with stranger things and if not, how have you refrained from binge watching the entire series. Seriously I'm asking, I need some self-restraint in my life. Anyhow, for those of you like me who are now in love with Steve Harrington's character, the actor who plays him, Joe Keery, has released a song called Roddy .... we just thought everyone should know.

So slightly stanger things esque and FFO: Mac Demarco, Mild high club, Sir Paul McCartney.

This week we've gone for the Donnie Darko of bands. A unique, artsy and darkly beautiful sound from the talented band Zooni. Their new release 'cotton blue' is a track full of hypnotic beats and entrancing lyrics. 

FFO: Alt J, Fleet foxes, Radiohead and Grizzly bear. 

This weeks entry has come from a rekindled love of 70 Californian classics. America has many chill out tunes, 'A horse with no name' probably being their most well known but we've gone for 'Ventura highway', a similar melody and just perfect for the long warm summer nights just now! G'wan give it a listen 😎

This Jamaican classic is getting us in the mood for summer, hopefully it brings the sun with it too! Here's a bit of Bob Marley & the wailers just in time for the weekend.

This weeks Friday noise is an oldie but goodie… has us dancing round the office in any case. ‘I like it like that’ was released in 1967, written by Tony Pabon and Manny Rodriguez with vocals from Tony Pabon too. Pete Rodriguez is responsible for the fantastic instrumental, it really does take some beating! Part of the ‘Chef’ soundtrack that was released in 2014, this is just one of many great songs on this album, give it a listen and brighten up your day!

This weeks entry is another that was Borne in Brighton (not that we’re bias or anything), the absolute beaut and creator of emotive indie music, Bess Atwell. Her latest release is Ventnor Villas from her EP Big Blue.

Check it out and see what you think ✌️





We're starting the return of Friday noise with a local Brighton band and office playlist favourites, 'Soft Sports'. They dropped this live version of their latest single 'Gordon' just two days ago and its is as groove laden as Old Joll is nourishing.

G'wan give it a listen and show some love!

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