Fathers day // gifting ideas

Has anyone started thinking about fathers day yet?

If you’re like me you’ll probably not do anything about looking for a gift now and panic buy two days before (or worst comes to worst a hand written IOU hastily written on a scrap piece of paper).

But we can do better, and we should do better so check out these gifting ideas below. We promise your dad will love them.

Seasonal beard oil

A new one released each season, now we’re getting in to the summer we’ve launched our summer beard oil. A delightfully light and playful scent just like those summer loving days. 



A choice of three 10ml oils, so you can choose the ones you think dad will like and he can mix them up depending on where his mood takes him. Popped into our delightful wax canvas duffle pouch it’s classy and the perfect gift for father day. 


Shampoo bar tray set 

Our bestselling shampoo bar sat in our lovely bamboo tray. Looks lovely in the bathroom and will leave the beard clean but nourished. 

shampoo tray set

Shave kit

A good razor is hard to come by, luckily we’ve got the perfect little set for when dad needs a trim. Comes with a beautifully crafted, weighty razor to give the cleanest shave, combined with out smoker mills shave oil it gives the smoothest shave with no snags.

shave kit, shaving oil, razor, best razor, beard grooming

Aldington blues gift

beard shampoo, best beard oil, beard grooming, mens gift set

Our best selling millers shampoo bar buddying up to a 10ml old Joll’s beard oil. These are a real winner when it comes to gifting, you really can’t go wrong.

RYE skincare trio

rye skincare, mens grooming

Although we love a beard we know they’re not for everyone and being the inclusive company we are, we have products every man can use. Is dad into a bit of self care? Or do you think he should be because the RYE skincare trio is an easy to use three step set to detox, cleanse and nourish the skin to look its best. 

Motezuma*s chocolate 

montezumas chocolate, fathers day gifting, fathers day chocolate

Based in Brighton we’re a huge fan of Montezuma*s chocolate, not only does the chocolate taste incredible they’re a really ethical company which we’re totally into.

Check out their chocolate here, personally we like the look of the fathers day gift box with a selection of chocolate flavours.

Hold Keychain

keychain , hold Brighton, mens gifting

This Brass key chain is minimal but looks classical and adds a little class, even sat next to ‘ralph’ the dolphin keyring with only one google eye that your daughter made you when she was 5. Check out hold online or pop into the store in central Brighton.

Giannini Coffee pot 

Giannini coffee pot,

A stove top percolator which gives a deliciously smooth coffee. So if dad is a coffee lover this is a winner, plus it’s a pretty cool design and great for at home or taking on holiday! Our local gifting shop and who are also online, Inle home stock this great little coffee pot (amongst many, many other gorgeous products). 

Contractors Gin 

gin, local gin, sussex gin, dry gin, tasty gin,

This gin is locally made to us and is absolutely delightful. We really recommend you try it (if not for dad for yourself).

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