Fathers day // Gift guide

Serving as a reminder to all, Fathers day is coming around soon. There are some important dates throughout the year and this is one of them, dads should have this day to be appreciated for all that they are and all that they do.

Here’s our gift guide for all those who want to show appreciation for that father figure in their lives, something quality, just for them.

Beard oil 

No matter who you are, a beard needs a beard oil. Keeping those precious hairs flake free and sleek is an easy task with the aid of one of our beard oils. Whether one of our Old Joll’s beard oils or our premium Alfriston oil the facial fur is going to  be the best it can be.

beard oil

Acetate comb

Our awesome acetate comb now has a fun younger brother, Mr Blue Sky. A jazzy blue number has been added to the collection in time for summer. The blue and white mixture we chose for it’s nod to the sea and the blissful summer days spent chasing the waves. 

Wax tube 

Little but mighty, these handy wax tubes are so easy to cart round and save the day when that tache’ needs a bit of a lift, in a choice of firm or extra firm and in our six original scents.


Aldington blues gift set

Our best selling shampoo bar combined with our original Old Joll’s oil presented in a neat little box. The dream team, the killer combo, peas to carrots, well you get the idea they’re a superstar combo of nourishment for any beard and a great gift.

aldington blues

Hawkhurst gift set 

Our old Joll’s beard oil sitting pretty next to our Creampot Toms beard balm in a choice of any of our delightful original scents. Both nourishing but the balm provides a gentle hold to keep pesky stray hairs in place. 


Beard Starter Kit

Containing the essentials for beard care for any newbie to the beard game. A thoughtful gift for fathers day for any dad embarking on a beard growing journey. The Millers Shampoo bar, Old Jolls’ 10ml beard oil, Creampot Toms’ 40ml beard balm and an acetate comb presented together in their own tin.

beard starter kit

Shaving kit 

For those dads who like to look sharp and keep a neatly trimmed beard. Our double edged safety razor and Smoker Mills shave oil go hand in hand to create glides effortlessly making it easy to shape and sculpt any beard.

shave kit

Alfriston gift set 

An elegant gift set, our heavenly scented Alfriston beard oil and balm is brimming with the ultimate blend of oils to treat, condition and nourish every last beard hair.

alfriston gift set 

Premium gift bundle

A selection of our finest products nestled in our original, lovingly crafted leather roll down ditty wash bag. The Alfriston balm and oil duo, combined with our trusty shampoo bar and a choice between our acetate or Ox horn beard comb, it really is a very special gift. No better gift to have a beard look, feel and smell fantastic in no time.

premium gift bundle

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