Changes // The Low-down

Afternoon, all. We're coming up to nearly a month since our rebrand, and so we thought we'd put together a little post just to give you the low-down on what's new around these parts...



New look
First of all, and likely most obvious of all, we've got a brand new look. You may have seen our new logo a little while ago and this was just the start of the newness. It's all a lot more fresh and minimal, but with our nautical root and creative nature at the forefront. Which leads us to...
As part of our new aesthetic, we wanted to take a closer look at our packaging. Jessica has lovingly created a series of illustrations of octopi which have been applied across the entire Original range; thus creating our new look. Eco-friendly paper tubes have been selected for our small moustache wax - both recyclable and perfect to fit in a pocket. The Miller’s shampoo bar now comes in a tactile paper wrap, giving a more polished and well-rounded appearance. We’ve also moved away from our stickered tins, and our new beautiful (if we do say so ourselves!) printed and embossed balm and moustache tins are now available. These have been lovingly created to add depth and shape to our range and the emboss detail really makes these already best-loved products even more special.


Shared fragrances across all of our core products
One of the things we value most is our customer’s feedback, and so when we realised people were consistently asking for scents that we had in one product to be available across another product range, we couldn’t ignore it! Now, we will be offering six fragrances across our beard oil, beard balm, moustache wax and in late 2019 our beard shampoo too.

Increased range
We've restructured our offering. You may have seen 'Alfriston', our premium luxe range which we launched back in August. Well, now we have our 'Original' range. It only seemed fitting that we named our longstanding, highly regarded range, the Original - original as a nod to our roots (Mandarin & Cedarwood has been our number one since day dot) and original by nature - the most authentic and best beard products around.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have not increased our prices in over 4 years, however things have changed both in the pricing of the raw ingredients we purchase and the current financial climate; and so we have had to reflect this in our pricing. If we had carried on we would have been in quite a pickle, so changing the prices at the same time as the new branding seemed to make sense for us!  We’re delighted to add value in the designs we’ve created, as well as our best selling artisan beard care - and these new prices reflect this. 

So now you'er all clued up on all things new here at The Brighton Beard Co. What's your favourite change that we've made?

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