HOW TO // Beginners beard routine

Beard routine for beginners

 So you’ve decided to grow a beard…… excellent decision making! We'll have you looking like this guy in no time!


Getting a beard to look it’s best is no mean feat but luckily for you it’s our speciality. So if you did it on a whim and are now feeling a bit lost, don’t worry we’re here to help, we got your back jack!

 Establishing an easy beard care routine is actually easier than you think and once you have it down takes no time at all!

 Starting from scratch //

 When starting out there may be a few problems you may encounter such as the dreaded beard itch, this occurs when the skin dries out or becomes irritated and starts to flake, there are a couple of ways to combat this….

 Our beard shampoo is a miracle cure for this, you can use as often as you like/need but I’d say every other day is a good amount of use and wash with just water in-between times. What makes the shampoo so good is it cleans the beard without stripping the oils out of it, this means it won’t dry out and cause itchiness.

 beard shampoo

You can also use our beard oil to treat the itch. The oils comes in 6 different scents so you can choose your favourite. Unlike others, our oils contain only natural nourishing ingredients and will leave your beard and the skin underneath well hydrated.

beard oil

 Using the Shampoo and oil together is the dream team or if your beard is slightly longer in length, you might prefer the shampoo and balm as balm provides a bit of hold to shape your beard. You can find more about the difference between oil and balm here.

 Top tips

 After washing with the shampoo towel dry but still leave slightly damp, apply the oil and massage into the beard until it has fully absorbed. This way the pores are still open from the hot shower and the oil will soak into the skin much better.                                                                                                                                                         Once your beard is a good length //

 After the initial 3 months, this should be around the time when your beard has fully set in and you can start doing a bit more with it.

 This would be a good time to determine what shape you’d like to have, and you can further your grooming routine to include brushing and styling.

 Our boar bristle brush is great for both the beard hair and skin underneath. It will leave your beard looking well preened and sleek, the bristles tease the beard into the style you want without being too harsh on the hairs. The bristles will also stimulate blood flow to the skin underneath as you brush which encourages hair growth.

 beard brush

If you’ve only been using oil up until this point you may want to invest in a balm too. Our balms will act to nourish your beard just as the oil does, however as it contains beeswax it will also help to keep your beard in the shape/style you’ve chosen. Like the oils the balms come in 6 scents so you can match it up to the scent of oil you have or mix it up a bit.

 beard balm

Top tips

 If you don’t want to give up the oil for a balm, you can use oil just before you go to sleep so it will absorb over night. You can use the balm in the day when you may want to style it.

 The boar bristle brush will help to distribute the balm evenly through the beard to make sure it has even coverage.

 There are many different ways to groom a beard but it’s largely personal preference of how you like it to look and how long you would like to spend grooming it. These basic tips should get you off to a good start, if you then feel more adventurous you can build upon this basic routine! 

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