April IG Round Up

Another month has passed, and another round up of our Instagram photos to celebrate the month. April's been a goodun', packed full of birthdays and thus booze and cake. Here's to May!

The Miller's shampoo bar, freshly cut and stamped.


We got a fresh batch of ox horn combs from the beard comb master that is Jony Smith - these two were our favourites of the bunch with a sweet, tigery effect.


The day of Jessica's birthday... spent in the sun on the beach. Beaut.


The mighty Joe, working his Miller's shampoo bar on not only his beard, but on his barnet too. He knows what's up.

Last weekend we went camping with friends in the woods - was too good to get away from technology and back to nature for a couple of days with some good friends. Two of them even got hitched, so congrats again to Em and Will!!

Brand Ambassador Simon Crawford donning the Creampot Tom's beard balm in Lime & Basil.

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