Say 'ello to our new Old Joll scents!

Long time, no post. Apologies, beardies! 
We have, however, been busy cooking up some brand new beard oils to please both your senses and your incredible facial fur. 
In addition to our original, hugely successful Old Joll beard oil with essential oils mandarin, cedar wood and juniper, we now have Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood and Black Pepper & Grapefruit. Super tasty for the nose. Containing the same base oils as the original Old Joll; jojoba oil, sweet almond, vitamin e, argan oil and tea tree, each scent has been picked not only for it's delightful aroma, but for it's beard benefits. WIN WIN.
This beautifully fragrant gem is like liquid gold, for your face. It smells super, and I'm sure your lady friend will think so too. Ylang Ylang might have you fooled by it's soothing and calming effect, but it's actually busy balancing your sebum production (too much of this can lead to the dreaded acne) as well as stimulating hair growth - just what you want to hear. Sandalwood also has soothing properties, and has been known to help counteract stress and insomnia... allowing you to have a good nights kip - so your beard can grow big and strong. 
Basically, this little bottle of magic will help you feel super chilled and at peace, so that on the outside you can have a gnarly monster beard.
This fresh and zingy concoction is great for those Monday mornings that need a little help to get going. A spicy citrus smell, this is a treat for both the face and the mind! The black pepper helps to boost circulation, which as we all know is great for hair growth. The grapefruit helps clear congested pores and prevent acne, whilst reviving the mind - ensuring you feel every bit as sharp as you look, you dapper dog.
And if you, like us, are finding it hard to choose just one of these wondrous beard oils, you can buy our Groombridge gift set, which includes all three scents, neatly packaged in a jute gift bag with a magnetic fastening - the perfect gift for the modern beardsman!
If you would like to read up some more on our ingredients and their beneficial qualities, take a look at our FAQs here.
Please note: As all of our oils contain argan oil, please make sure you consult medical advice prior to use should you suffer from nut allergies.

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