The Brighton Beard Company

Ox Horn Moustache Comb


Introducing The Brighton Beard Company moustache comb. Handmade in France, no two combs are alike, meaning each comb has its very own colour, patterns and marble effects. The beard comb features The Brighton Beard Company anchor logo printed on the end of the handle.

Forget plastic or wooden combs, ox horn is what your beard needs. And we're not just trying to be fancy selling an ox horn comb – there really is a science behind it. You see, ox horn is made from the same proteins as your own hair, meaning it will glide through the hair effortlessly without damaging the shaft of the hair, snagging or creating static. 

Presented in a wonderful handmade leather sheath, you can carry it around without worrying about any oily product rubbing off into your pocket liner. 

With care, this little beauty will last you a lifetime.

Please select either the comb with the leather sheath or the comb separately. Also available in a beard comb style.

Approximate size 10 x 2.5 cm.


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